Our Local Military Heritage. In 2008, the RSL Victor Harbor Sub-Branch formed a History Research Team to compile a written and visual record of those local residents, past and present, who had served in the Defence Forces. This team of volunteers is seeking information from the community to assist us in this important project. If you have any photographs and information about a member or relative of your family, whether deceased or living, we would like to talk to you about their service. We can arrange to copy and scan records, documents and photographs to incorporate into our library of resource material.

The completed material will be held in our library and made available to the community, students, and those interested in learning about our local military heritage. This is a wonderful opportunity to compile a consolidated written historic record of that local person’s service in the defence forces. It doesn’t matter where and when the serviceman or woman served, in Australia or overseas, during time of conflict or peacetime, as we believe there is no greater service a person can render for his country than serving in the Defence Forces.

If you would like to have your family member’s military service included in our resource and educational library, please contact the following:

Peter Francis 08 8552 7525         Ian Milnes 08 8552 9655       Dean Watson 08 8554 3986

Peter West 08 8554 3365            David Miller (President) 08 8552 5898.

There are three components to our local military heritage.

1. Those local men and women who served.

2. District war memorials and items of a military interest.

3. War graves.

Those local men and women who served.

As the History Research Team completes narratives of former local servicemen and women, we will make them available for viewing on the Sub-Branch’s website, viewable from links in the Service Biographies menu. They are listed alphabetically, regardless of which war or conflict or they served in, by surname first, followed by the soldier’s Christian names, for example:

ADEY, Frederick William Clair (WW1).

COX, Lancelot Bruce (WW2).

The online version of the soldier’s narrative is generally limited to one or two pages and where possible we have included an image of the person if this is available. For some servicemen or women we have compiled more detailed narratives. These longer versions are filed in the Sub-Branch’s library and are available for viewing by any interested person during our opening hours.

To view narratives, simply click on the name range. The information is stored as a PDF file. Images are stored as low-resolution files.

Sources of information.

The History Research Team has compiled the narratives from a number of sources, they include:

The soldier’s service file.

These are held by the National Archives of Australia and are available in printed form, or in some cases, are available from the internet.

War Diaries.

Of the unit which the serviceperson served in. Each unit maintained a war diary. These are held by the Australian War Memorial and many are available online.

Interviews with the serviceperson or family members.

Other service records.

Paybooks, flying log books and other documents supplied by the serviceperson or family members.

Authoritative reference books, journals and other reference material such as official unit histories.

Where information comes from a private source, we endeavour to confirm the information supplied by reference to official records.

Corrections or addendums. Should you find there is an error in a narrative we would welcome your feedback and are happy to change or add information once a claim has been referenced to an authoritative source. Please contact us via the links shown on this website.